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Saskatoon Blades ready for Red Deer rematch


As the clock ticks down to Friday, the excitement builds for the Saskatoon Blades.

After a triumphant victory in game five and with their rivals, the Prince Albert Raiders, knocked out of the competition, the Blades are intensely prepping for their upcoming series.

Saskatoon Blades coach Brennan Sonne reflected on their previous performance with a mix of praise and caution.

"I definitely liked our start a lot. I loved the mentality we had. From there it got a little bit squirrly, but just coming out the way we did. This team just learns lessons man. It does," said Sonne.

Their next challenge lies in facing the Red Deer Rebels, a team with a score to settle.

Last year, the Rebels nearly swept the Blades in four games before experiencing a dramatic reversal that saw them eliminated by a determined Saskatoon team.

Sonne remains optimistic about overcoming the challenges posed by the Rebels.

"We pose their challenges. We've prepared the guys for them, and we're excited to meet the challenges we face on the playoff run," said Sonne.

The Rebels — eager for revenge after last year's defeat — are expected to come out strong. Rebels defenseman Tanner Molendyk said he’s mentally preparing for the matchup.

"They're going to try to get in our heads. They're a scrappy team. They like to push you around; like to bump, but we wont let them get to us," said Molendyk.

The Blades are keen to avoid the nail-biting scenario of last year's series. Team captain Trevor Wong explains their strategy.

"Obviously, first don't go down 0-3. That one's pretty obvious, but I think just managing momentum swings, and not going down. It’s first to four. Last year we stuck with it," said Wong

The action is set to unfold on home ice at the SaskTel Center this Friday evening, promising a thrilling start to what could be a memorable playoff run for the Saskatoon Blades. Top Stories

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