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Saskatchewan one of the safest places to ride out zombie apocalypse, survey finds


A new survey by Rentola ranks Saskatoon as the second best Canadian city to survive a zombie apocalypse.

“Although the situation is bad in many places in the world, it could get even worse,” the rental property listing website said.

“This is a fictitious crisis that we examined in depth to determine which city in Canada is the safest in the event of a zombie apocalypse.”

Edmonton came in at number one with a 7.96 index, Saskatoon was next with 7.95, followed by Guelph at 7.00, Calgary at 6.97 and Regina rounded out the top five at 6.79.

The five worst cities to survive a zombie apocalypse are Saint John, Belleville, Trois-Rivieres, Montreal, and Sherbrooke.

For the study, researchers looked at five different factors including vulnerability, supplies, mobility, hideouts and safety.

This included considering the spread of chronic diseases in the population, disaster risk, simplicity of finding food, fuel, weapons, tools, medicine and more.

Data used for the survey was collected from Statistics Canada. Top Stories

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