Sabreen Algherbawi and her children live in Prince Albert but were stranded in Gaza for months following the terror attack by Hamas.

After making it home safely with her children in November, Algherbawi says she is worried about her family members that are still stuck in Gaza.

Algherbawi is working tirelessly to bring her family to Canada and has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds. 

She says those fleeing Gaza and trying to enter Egypt are faced with massive fees.

“Just one person needs at least $5,000 to pay for the border,” Algerbawi said.

She fears as time goes on, her family risks starvation and disease.

“I see my family is struggling to find food, to find water, to find anything,” Algerbawi said.

While the fundraiser is going on, Algherbawi is working to have her family come to Canada through a temporary resident visa program.

She has applied for her family but says the process is “lengthy” and “complicated.”

Algherbawi says she hopes whatever money she raises will evacuate her family and help save their lives.