PRINCE ALBERT -- The owner of a Saskatchewan resort where a COVID-19 outbreak is linked to 15 cases has been fined $14,000.

However, Bryan Baraniski, who operates the Shorebird Inn at Tobin Lake, near Nipawin, says the fine is unfair.

“I think the fine is outrageous. What small business can afford that?” Baraniski said.

Baraniski, who is undergoing treatment for COVID-19 himself, claims he was fined for failing to collect the names and phone numbers of customers.

“I was following all the guidelines but became frustrated around Christmas time when I saw the government wasn't making any progress towards loosening restrictions,” said Baraniski, who wrote CTV News from his hospital bed.

He also admitted on his social media accounts that he wasn’t always wearing his mask at work at the Shorebird Inn. He says it’s a quiet time of year for the resort.

“Mental frustration, financial frustration and people depressed all around me. I just decided I had enough and started going to work and not wearing a mask,” said Baraniski.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) says as of Mar. 24, 15 cases have been linked to this outbreak and an additional 16 infections are under investigation to determine primary or secondary links.