SASKATOON -- Warman RCMP are warning that Highway 16 between Langham and Borden are covered with ice and snow due to the winter storm Sunday, making the Borden Bridge Valley impassable for semis and other heavy vehicles going northwest.

In a release issued Sunday night, RCMP said ice on the surface of roads is making it impossible for heavy vehicles to climb the hill on the northern shore of the North Saskatchewan River, adding that visibility is poor due to blowing snow. 

“All day, semis have been getting off the road and getting stuck in ditches in that area. Several of them are still waiting for help. Any other semi or heavy vehicle driver who tries to pass the valley will probably have to spend the night in the valley waiting for help,” the release said.

RCMP is recommending that semi trucks and other heavy vehicles do not attempt to make that passage 

“Please stay where you are, spend the night in any town south of the bridge and reassess tomorrow morning,” the release said. 

RCMP said any vehicle bigger than a passenger SUV will not make it up the hill. 

Dangerous road conditions could delay police response and emergency services, the release said.