PRINCE ALBERT -- Prince Albert’s Rose Garden Hospice will be under construction starting on May 15.

The association was first incorporated in 2008. After the board established its goals, budget, design and demographics, donations started streaming in a few years ago. One of the first major donations came from local Canadian Tire owner Malcolm Jenkins, who has been steadily donating to the cause ever since.

The association has since received individual donations, including many from doctors, businesses and through events.

“There have been many ups and downs, but nothing worth having comes easy,” said board member Marina Mitchell in a news release.

The hospice is named after Mitchell’s mother, Rose Daschuk, who died of cancer.

“We could not have come this far without the support of our families, board members, community members, volunteers and our government. This dream will be a reality.”

Board chair Cheryl Elliott said construction is “a huge step” in achieving their goals for northern Saskatchewan residents.

The 10-bed hospice will provide end-of-life care in a home-like setting. It will be located at the corner of Marquis Road and Fourth Avenue West.