Five years after a man disappeared after going to rent a movie in Watrous, the RCMP’s historical case unit is looking for new leads in the case.

James Carlson, 43, was working at farms in the Watrous area when he disappeared under suspicious circumstances after last being seen during the evening of May 14, 2008, at a video store in the town.

Police believe Carlson was murdered. His work truck was found abandoned in a field near Allan five days after he was last seen at the store and a search of his home the following day found evidence to support the belief he had been killed.

Two years later, in May 2010, a white Monte Carlo owned by Carlson was found concealed on a rural property near Rosthern. Police say the vehicle’s interior was coated in automotive fluid, making the recovery of forensic evidence impossible.

Since that time RCMP say investigators have received several tips that Carlson’s body may be in a rural area around the communities of Watrous, Imperial, or Holdfast. They are asking property owners to watch for any sign of his remains.

RCMP have created a video documenting the investigation into Carlson’s death. It can be viewed on the RCMP website or on the RCMP Saskatchewan YouTube channel.