Saskatoon police are searching for two boys after a rock was dropped from an overpass onto a vehicle below.

Police say they were called Tuesday evening to a pedestrian overpass at Circle Drive just south of Attridge Drive, where it was reported there was a vehicle accident with injuries.

Police say they found a vehicle with a shattered front windshield.

Officers say they were told two male youths were observed dropping a large rock from the pedestrian bridge overhead. They say it landed on a vehicle passing below the overpass, with fragments of the glass hitting the driver in the eye.

“We don't see these types of reports often, and thankfully, the injuries were not serious ... but they very well could have been,” police said in a facebook post.

Police say the two boys were last seen running towards the Sutherland area, but could not be located.

They are asking anyone who knows who may have been responsible to call police or Crimestoppers.