Saskatoon Police are warning drivers to take it easy on the roads today. After Wednesday’s snow and warm temperatures, roads are very slippery.

Police are asking that drivers slow down, allow more time to get to their destinations, and leave a greater distance between themselves and other vehicles than during good driving conditions.

Highway conditions are also slick and the Highway Hotline has listed several stretches as travel not recommended, including Highway 11 between Saskatoon and Dundurn. Before hitting the highway, check with the Highway Hotline for up to date conditions.

The slick conditions began Wednesday, and paramedics responded to 7 accidents overnight.

Roads aren't the only infrastructure made dangerous by the weather. Paramedics are also urging caution for anyone looking to shovel their roofs – they’ve responded to multiple calls from individuals who have fallen while trying to shovel extreme amounts of the white stuff off their houses. A fall from any distance over six feet can be extremely dangerous, a paramedic’s press release said.