A heavy winter storm has hit Ontario and parts of the United States, but the effects are being felt in Saskatchewan.

Because of the massive snow storm, some flights at the Saskatoon airport have been delayed or cancelled.

One plane did fly in from Toronto Friday night, and a photo taken by one of the passengers shows piles of snow being cleared from the Saskatoon tarmac. The passanger said they were forced to wait for hours in the plane before being allowed to exit the aircraft.

Saturday morning, an Air Canada flight to Toronto was cancelled. Since then, another flight to Toronto has successfully departed, while another is still delayed.

One woman at the airport Saturday morning had her bridal gown in hand and was waiting to go to Mexico for her destination wedding. While Sarah Laverty said she was disappointed to miss six hours of sunshine, she’s glad her flight was only delayed, not cancelled.

“We’ve got our fingers crossed that there are no more stops or pitfalls along the way,” she said.

However, not everyone was so lucky. Some flights were cancelled, leaving one couple missing a cruise, and another family with vacation plans on hold until Monday.

The Saskatoon airport’s website doesn’t show any more cancellations, and the snow isn’t expected to linger. With above-freezing temperatures forecasted for next week, travelers should be on their way without any trouble.