SASKATOON -- In-person classes have been cancelled at Saskatchewan Polytechnic due to the blizzard, but the school is resuming online classes Monday following a cybersecurity attack Nov. 1.

“Returning to learning was our top priority. I want to thank all students and faculty for their patience and understanding as we worked with third-party suppliers and cybersecurity experts around the clock to achieve this goal,” said the school's president and CEO Larry Rosia, in a news release.

The school said it is taking steps to increase online security for students and employees going forward, according to the release. 

“In the coming days, work will continue to resume services in a safe, secure manner. To date, our cautious, phased-in approach has been successful. In the coming days, we will continue to resume services safely and securely following these same protocols,” Rosia said.

This includes a multi-factor authentication for online services, new anti-virus software and additional information about how to spot fraudulent emails.

The school said there is no reason at this time to believe that any personal information has been compromised, according to the news release.