Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Meili called for a new phase in dealing with climate change Saturday morning at the annual Saskatchewan NDP convention in Saskatoon.

He introduced his new plan to target climate change called “Renew Saskatchewan.” The program will be a partnership with SaskPower, said Meili, allowing property owners to get an assessment and recommendations on how to make their property more energy efficient. This could mean upgrades like replacing old windows and furnaces or adding solar powers.

To pay for the upgrades, Meili said people will be able to get a loan from SaskPower, to be paid back through their power and gas bills.

“A new program that makes the most of our strengths and positions us as leaders. A program that truly gives power to the people,” he said.

“A new dream of self-sufficiency and energy efficiency for Saskatchewan.”

Right now, the Sask Party has implemented its own Saskatchewan-made plan to tackle climate change, focusing on resilience and curbing greenhouse gas emissions without a tax.

Chris Gust, an iron worker from Regina who attended the convention, prefers the NDP’s plan.

“I work in the construction industry, so this will be an opportunity for us to go and do a lot of the installations, fabrication and erection of it,” he said.

But what Gust likes most about the plan is that it will help people save money on their power bills.