A Saskatoon man came home from his local supermarket with more than just a package of his favourite bread.

Rizwan Qureshi purchased a package of Crispy, Traditional Style Tandoori Naan bread from Swadesh Super Market on 22nd Street, and when he got home, he said he found a live mouse in the bag.

In a video Qureshi filmed on his iPhone, a mouse is clearly viable inside the bag.

When CTV Saskatoon went to investigate, all that was left of the rodent was a hole and some droppings.

Qureshi said the hole wasn’t there when he purchased the bread.

The owner of the Swadesh Supermarket said that their naan bread was packaged two weeks ago, and a mouse couldn’t possibly survive that amount of time. He’s challenging the claim.

Ali Kizilbash, president of Twi Foods, said it wouldn’t be possible for an animal to live in their packaging. “Where the floor wrapping is done at a high heat seal, we introduce CO2 and nitrogen to displace oxygen,” he said.