Around the holidays, families come together, and cameras click away to capture the happy moments.

But for those who have never had a family portrait taken, a group of Saskatoon volunteers is here to snap away.

It's called Help-Portrait. This one-day event was organized by local photographer Krystian Olszanski, who contacted  photographers and photography students who could help out.  He even got a professional make-up artist to donate her time to the cause.

"We're a group of about ten right now," said Olszanski.

Help-Portrait is an initiative started in Nashville, Tennessee only a few years ago. It's already grown to over 35 countries worldwide.

Community photographers get together on or around the fourth of December, and take studio portraits of families – most of whom have never had a professional picture taken before.

"They're loving it. There are families who have never managed to have a picture with all of them in one shot, so they are pretty happy," said Olszanski. "Just looking at the back of the camera and showing them how they look, they are pretty amazed."

By 3p.m. the photographers had already taken pictures of about 60 families, and they expect to meet their goal of 100 families by the day's end. They will develop the pictures this week and have them ready for pick up by next weekend.