Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford is facing its third major issue since opening last year.

A full water advisory is in effect, according to the province. Staff and patients are advised not to drink, bathe, or brush their teeth or wash any produce in the tap water.

“When washing your hands, follow up with hand sanitizer,” a memo posted at the hospital reads.

“Give pts (patients) cups of water to brush teeth,” was written in red marker on the memo.

A photo of the memo was supplied to media by the Saskatchewan NDP.

During a planned flush of the water system on Tuesday, a sewage issue occurred.

“A pipe connection cap in a basement wall became dislodged shortly after flushing began. The flushing immediately stopped and clean up began,” the Ministry of Central Services told CTV News.

Saskatchewan Hospital opened March 2019 and cost $407 million.

'It never fully opened': NDP

Just two months later, in May, the province announced the entire roof would have to be repaired because of water leakage issues.

Then in October of last year, high copper and lead levels were detected in the water. Signs advising staff and patients not to drink from the tap were posted around the facility.

“It’s absolutely shocking,” Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Meili told reporters on Friday afternoon.

“This hospital from day one has been a real problem. It never fully opened. It’s never fully been utilized by patients. Leak after leak, problem after problem.”

Meili said he’s concerned similar construction issues will arise during the expansion of Prince Albert’s Victoria Hospital.

The province announced Friday it’s spending $300 million to expand Victoria Hospital. The construction will include a new acute care tower.

The Ministry of Central Services said the issues at Sask. Hospital will be fixed at no extra cost to taxpayers.

Alternative water supply is being provided to the hospital, according to the province. The advisory is expected to be lifted next week.