SASKATOON -- The Diamond House Senior Care home in Warman is thinking outside the box to help its guests pass the time while the home takes precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A smart projector, called OBIE, is filled with sensors that interact with residents, said Diamond House Senior Care Home administrator Kelvin Ooms.

People can play games while also participating in more soothing activities like gardening.

“OBIE with its bright colours and it’s interactiveness, our residents are very easily engaged, with their hand motions on the table, engaging with the other residents while they are playing the games. So cognitively they are very active,” said Ooms.

“It’s a simple game, anybody can play it if they can move their arm right,” said Diamond House Care resident Joyce Amundson.

Diamond house staff also said it’s easy to clean, unlike puzzles or board games.

“It’s really great for the residents, it does keep them stimulated cognitively, and as well as using their growth and fine-motor skills,” said Diamond House activity coordinator Casandra Winter.

Golden Health Care used the Diamond House as a pilot project. It has since moved forward onto installing OBIEs throughout the province at its other facilities.