With the holiday season in full swing, for many it’s a time to eat, drink and be merry. But if you serve alcohol to your guests, and they end up injuring themselves or someone else, there could be serious consequences.

    "Well, aside from the obvious risk of being involved in someone's death or serious injury,” said John Kleefeld, a law professor at the University of Saskatchewan, “there is the potential for legal liability."

    While the risk of being found legally liable is not high, it does exist. And it could leave you on the hook for significant financial damages.

     “They can face legal action for body damage or property damage,” said Lynne Bergen with Prince Albert Insurance. “Which could amount to thousands, or even millions of dollars."

     To avoid that, there is some simple advice. Make sure there is a designated driver, or arrange for a taxi. Or simply let someone sleep it off in a room.

    There are also programs like Operation Red Nose, which gives people a ride home in their own vehicles.

    “People are getting to know about it,” said Jim Wilm with Prince Albert’s Operation Red Nose, “So that when they go out to an event they are making sure they don’t drive and drive.”

     Experts say a little common sense can go a long way in making sure people enjoy themselves, without getting anyone hurt in the process.