SASKATOON -- Lucas Fertuck testified on Wednesday that he remembers the time his dad threatened his mom’s life.

Greg Fertuck is accused of killing his estranged spouse, Sheree Fertuck, who was last seen Dec. 7, 2015.

The threat happened in 2011, Lucas said. He testified his dad’s guns were seized because Greg was found with an Uzi — a prohibited firearm.

He said his dad was “angry” and “blamed” Sheree because she was the one who reported it to police.

“He threatened to shoot her … he said he would shoot her between the eyes,” Lucas told the court.

The Crown believes Greg shot Sheree at a gravel and disposed of her body at a field nearby.

Sheree’s body has never been found.

Gun shell casings were found at the pit, but it’s unknown how long they had been there.

A month after Sheree was declared a missing person, Lucas and his dad had a discussion about assets and property.

Lucas testified Greg believed everything now belonged to him.

Lucas said he and his sisters told Greg that half still belonged to their mom, as she was still missing.

“He did make comments that the house was his, and did kick us out of it,” Lucas said.

Greg’s friend, Ron Stachowich, also took the stand. Stachowich met Greg in the early 90s while the two worked for CN Rail.

After Stachowich’s wife died in 2011, Stachowich testified Greg showed up at his house claiming Shereee kicked him out and needed a place to stay for a few weeks.

Court heard Greg didn’t pay rent and ended up staying in his basement for five months.

Stachowich testified Greg was a heavy drinker and would leave his liquor bottles around the house.

Stachowich said Greg had a temper and would often bad-mouth Sheree.

“He’d say mostly bad stuff about what he was going to do to her,” Stachowich said.

“He’d say, ‘I’d bury the bitch in the North 40, put the mother-in-law on top of her.' Sometimes it would be ‘Plant her in the North 40 and grow little Sherees.’”

The Crown asked Stachowich why he didn’t tell police about this sooner.

He said he’s afraid of Greg and was “fearful” he would “get to him” if he said anything.