The Saskatchewan government is trying to make it easier for more people to train to become foster parents, as the number of foster homes dramatically drops.

In a move being touted as a first in Canada, the Saskatchewan Foster Families Association and the province are working together to provide the required 30 hours of training for foster families online.

Social Services Minister Tina Beaudry-Mellor says it's a game-changer for prospective foster parents.

Beaudry-Mellor says there are many people who want to help children in need, but what they lack is time and the online training with video conferencing will help.

In the last four years, the number of foster homes in Saskatchewan has fallen by 35 per cent.

Prospective foster families will be able to access courses online, on their home computer or mobile device and will be able to complete the courses at their convenience.

"With providing the training in-person, we required prospective families to drop everything on multiple weekends, step away from their own families and responsibilities and travel to another community to attend classes," said Deb Davies, executive director of the Saskatchewan Foster Families Association.

"This was a barrier in recruiting new families. Now, the program will be accessible to more people and they will be able to complete the required training much more quickly."