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Former John A Macdonald Road officially renamed miyo wahkohtowin Road


The former John A. MacDonald Road in Confederation Park was officially renamed on Thursday, as city officials erected the new street signs.

Renaming the street to Miyo-wâhkôhtowin (mee-yo wah-koh-toh-win) Road involved a two-year process of consultation with Indigenous leaders, residential school survivors, elders and knowledge keepers, the city said when it announced the change in August. Some residents vented frustrations with the move, at the time.

Miyo-wâhkôhtowin translates to 'good relations' in Cree.

The city says that the re-naming recognizes and amends the harms associated with former Prime Minister John A. MacDonald, who played a significant role in developing the Indian residential school system.

During the final vote over the name change in September, some councillors were uncomfortable about the lack of process for making this type of street name change. In the end, it passed eight to three.

The sign was unveiled on Thursday at Wâhkôhtowin school, where the significance behind the name was discussed.

Mayor Charlie Clark led the ceremony, reflecting on the impact it has had with community leaders.

"Today to see that sign go up. And to hear from people who said that was the most impactful thing. I just talked to a long time leader who lived in this neighbourhood and it was one of the proudest moments that she has had in her life," said Clark. 

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