Crews responded to an early morning fire on Friday morning, sending one man to hospital as a precaution for smoke inhalation.

According to the Saskatoon fire department, just before 2 a.m. fire dispatchers received numerous calls of a fire at 431 3rd Ave. N.

Multiple people were found evacuating the multi-story building. 

Crews made their way to a suite on the 12th floor  to attend to fire damage.

A sprinkler head was already activated and extinguished the fire.

After a search, crews shut down the sprinkler system and began cleaning up water.

There was fire damage in only one suite, but there was water damage in several suites surrounding the fire.

Tenants temporarily relocated onto 2 city transit buses.

Most people were allowed back into the building however, several tenants had to relocate for the night due to water damage in their suites.

An investigator has determined that an unattended candle was the cause of the fire.

No damage has been estimated as of yet.

The Fire Department cautions residents to use caution when burning candles and to not leave them unattended.