Former Saskatoon mayor Don Atchison is speaking publicly for the first time since he was defeated in last week’s municipal election.

The longtime civic politician, who served as mayor for 13 years after spending nine years on city council, sat down with Matt Young Wednesday at The Willows Golf and Country Club.

Atchison opened up about the election loss, his accomplishments as mayor, his future plans and what he’ll miss about the job.

He said he was disappointed he wasn’t re-elected, but noted he was proud of his service to the city. He brought up the city’s growth during his time as mayor and the new Gordie Howe Bridge, and spoke about the many Saturdays he spent working.

He didn’t comment extensively on Charlie Clark’s win, and said commenting wouldn’t be fair.

“I don’t want to really say a whole bunch. It’s not really fair. He’s just on his way in at this time and I think the public should have an opportunity to judge him themselves,” Atchison said. “I hope the citizens of Saskatoon continue to prosper.”

He wasn’t sure of his future plans.

“Matt, I really don’t know,” he said. “We will have to see what the good Lord brings us.”

Atchison also appeared on CTV Morning Live Saskatoon on Thursday. He expanded on his interview with Matt Young and looked back at his proudest moments as mayor, his “Canada’s craziest mayor” title, and the 2016 election campaign.