Mayor Greg Dionne says it’s Prince Albert’s turn for a new or upgraded hospital and he wants to see the money.

“It was our understanding it will be a funded hospital by the province,” Dionne told CTV News after attending meetings at the recent Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association convention.

The current hospital is too small for the number of people relying on it, Dionne said. He expects to see money in this year’s budget so the project can move forward.

Andrew Will from the Saskatchewan Health Authority agrees. The population the hospital serves is much larger than just the 35,000 people living in Prince Albert.

“Outside of the five provincial hospitals, it sees more volume than any other hospital in the province,” Will said. “Actually close to double what we would see in any of our other regional hospitals.”

The Saskatchewan Health Authority will present two options to the province: building a brand new hospital or renovating and adding on to the existing building.

Dionne said it doesn’t matter to him which option the province funds as long as it fulfills the needs of the users.

Both Will and Dionne said although the construction of the hospital will be funded by the province, the city will likely be responsible for funding the equipment and furnishings.

An earlier version of this story contained incorrect information regarding the volume at Victoria Hospital. CTV Saskatoon regrets the error.