Eighty Saskatoon homes have lost running water due to frozen connections as of Friday afternoon, the city says.

“Following the coldest February in 80 years, there is very deep ground frost that can freeze pipes that are not insulated or used often,” according to a news release.

“The City has staff working overtime and contractors helping people thaw their water connections. Where there is no temporary connection available from a neighbour, bottled water is available.”

The city says residents can help prevent frozen pipes inside and leading up to their homes by keeping indoor and outdoor pipes insulated and out of the elements. This can include wrapping them or sealing entry points to keep the cold air out.

Residents in areas where water main breaks have occurred in the past few years, including neighbourhoods adjacent to current water main breaks, are encouraged to be prepared by having extra drinking water stored.

The city recommends having a 72-hour supply of water on hand for drinking and cooking equal to 3.8 litres (one gallon) per person or pet per day.