SASKATOON -- Centre éducatif Félix le chat has confirmed that there was a positive case of COVID-19 at the daycare learned about on Wednesday evening.

“I was informed by the director of the daycare, and information was sent out to the parents concerned,” said Camille Lapierre, president of the board of governors for the centre, who would not disclose whether the positive case involved a child or a daycare worker.

The centre remained open on Thursday but was closed on Friday.

“Once the case is confirmed, then public health requires contact lists form us, and so that’s what we provide,” said Lapierre. “All the contact tracing is then in their hands, and really we just follow what they tell us to do. We’ve been told we were doing everything right, and what’s kind of the end of our part, we just provide the information they need and then they go forth.”

Lapierre says the centre has followed all of the safety measures, and the positive case is “not for lack of any safety measures on our part.”

“We’re very confident in our directors at our daycare centre and we’re confident in their protocols and their safety measures and everything that they do, the educators as well,” she said. “What more can we do? We just follow what we’ve been doing since the beginning when we reopened.”

The centre says they’re waiting on direction from public health officials on when it can reopen.

“The reality is there, and so we are just doing what the government and what the ministry has outlined for us,” said Lapierre. “The (education) ministry … has outlined directions for us, and they’ve had since the beginning, since we’ve reopened, and that’s what we’ve been following.”

The daycare is attatched to Ecole Canadienne Francaise elementary school, which has a separate entrance, and still had students in attendance on Friday.