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'Brightened their day': Sask. florist donates roses to Ukrainian refugees for Valentine's Day


A Prince Albert floral shop gave 43 pink and purple roses to Ukrainian refugees for Valentine's Day.

Co-owner of Scentiments Floral Stacy Coburn said she wanted to show support for women who are away from their spouses during the day of love.

“I know that these people are having a very difficult time. I can only imagine being torn from your home and wondering what’s going on with your loved ones and your spouses and partners left behind,” she said.

With the help of Sonya Jahn, a woman who works closely with Ukrainian families, Coburn reached out to Newcomers in the Prince Albert area and gave them a rose, along with a card made by their children.

“It definitely brightened their day. They’ve been very happy to receive the flowers,” Coburn said.

She encourages people to help where they can and said a good deed can go a long way.

“If everyone would be more kind, the world would be a much better place,” she said. Top Stories

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