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Here’s how to keep your pets safe during Sask. heatwave


It’s shorts and T-shirt weather as temperatures are hitting the mid-thirties across Saskatchewan. But imagine experiencing this while wearing a big fluffy fur coat.

Pets can be just as—if not more—susceptible to heat than their owners. These conditions mean dog owners have to take special care to ensure their furry friends don't overheat.

"Heatstroke can cause really severe damage if not even death to your pet, so you have to make sure you're providing them a break from the heat," Jemma Omidian, manager of Animal Care at the Saskatoon SPCA said.

Dog owners are recommended to keep their dogs inside during the peak hours of the sun and to avoid hot concrete surfaces, which can burn their pets' paw pads.

"We do always recommend you limit that to earlier in the morning or later in the night for those longer walks because otherwise if you do it in the middle of the day you're going to exhaust them. Something to consider," Omidian added.

For dogs with more than two coats of fur, shaving them is not recommended, as their fur can actually keep them cool. However, for single-coated dogs, a haircut may help.

"With a double-coated dog, the chances of them being able to regulate their body properly decrease, but as for a single-coated dog, going short may not look the best but it's the best for them, especially in the heat so they don't have a winter coat on," Jada Mose, a dog groomer said.

Additionally, make sure your pets stay hydrated and that their water bowl is always full.

As a rule of thumb, if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog. Top Stories

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