How much will cannabis cost?

It’s too early to tell. The provincial government is leaving pricing decisions to marijuana shop owners.

“Unlike other provinces, SLGA does not have supply agreements with licensed producers. It will be up to Saskatchewan’s private retailers to determine market prices,” government spokesman Dale Hunter said in an email to CTV News.

Which pot shops will be open in Saskatoon on Day 1?

CTV News has learned that three of Saskatoon’s seven retailers won’t be ready to open on Oct. 17 because they’re having issues acquiring product. The other four retails did not respond. The SLGA estimates that only 10 to 12 of the province’s 51 retailers will be ready to open their doors on legalization day.

Where are they located in Saskatoon?

The exact addresses of the marijuana stores won’t become public until their business licenses become active on Wednesday.

Living Skies Cannabis is located on Third Ave S, the Pot Shack is on Grosvenor Avenue and Aura Cannabis is expected to open in Riversdale.

Can I smoke weed on my lunch break at work?

Private business owners will make the policies on whether or not employees can consume marijuana on the job.

Jim Nowakowski, the owner of JNE Welding in Saskatoon, is concerned about this ruling since his drug policy is different than the government’s zero tolerance stance for drivers.

“Maybe the employee complies with our policy, but doesn't necessarily mean that they'll comply with SGI's policy. It doesn't necessarily mean that we can send them to mine or industrial sites,” Nowakowski said.

How will police enforce the zero tolerance policy on high drivers?

The first method police will use to detect high drivers is the standard field sobriety test.

“Everybody’s seen them in the movies. It’s walk the straight line, and so forth,” Staff Sgt. Patrick Barbar said.

The second tool is the Dräger 5,000 roadside drug test.

"It's an instrument capable of (taking) saliva and giving a positive or negative reading on the presence of THC and a couple other drugs as well,” Barbar said.

Saskatoon has yet to receive the machine, and Barbar said he is unsure when the service will get one. Saskatoon officers are in Ottawa this week to train on how to use the Dräger 5,000.

How much weed can I carry around in public and buy at one time?

Recreational users can buy a maximum of 30 grams per transaction, and are legally allowed to possess 30 grams in public – though they can’t consume in public. But how much is that, exactly? Saskatoon Police Services helpfully Tweeted out a picture of 30 grams of cannabis compared to the size of a Loonie.

What if I prefer my cannabis in gummy bear form?

Edibles likely won’t be legal to sell for at least another year, according to Saskatoon police. However individual recreational users can make their own edibles, as long as they do not use organic solvents to do so.

How many plants can I have in my house?

A household can have a total of four plants.

What can police do if my neighbour’s pot smoke bothers me?

Nothing. They are consuming on their private property so there is no course of action police can take, the force says.

With files from Jonathan Charlton