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12-metre high flames to greet Saskatoon Circle Drive commuters Tuesday morning

Drivers on Circle Drive South may see a flame over 12 metres high emanating from SaskEnergy infrastructure on Tuesday morning, but the provincial Crown says it’s all part of the plan.

SaskEnergy is conducting a controlled natural gas flaring at its Town Border Station between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Tuesday, but the company says that time span could change if needed.

Workers are temporarily attaching a flare stack to the station, located north of Circle Drive South and south of Avalon Park, according to a news release from the Crown.

SaskEnergy says residents and drivers may see a 40-foot flame coming from the stack during the process, which is necessary to clear an isolated portion of the gas line for routine maintenance.

“Flaring is an industry standard practice when natural gas needs to be removed from a line and reduces the carbon footprint of the vented natural gas by 85 per cent,” the news release said.

Workers will be on site supervising to ensure public safety, SaskEnergy says, and residential gas service in the area won’t be affected. Top Stories

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