A charge laid against a woman arrested at the scene of a fatal police shooting in North Battleford has been stayed, but the 28-year-old will serve time on unrelated charges, a judge has decided.

Amanda Wahobin, the passenger in the car driven by Brydon Bryce Whitstone during a chase with RCMP over the weekend, appeared in provincial court Tuesday. A charge of possessing property obtained by crime in relation to the police pursuit was stayed, but Judge Lorna Dyck passed down a 23-month sentence in connection with other charges — robbery and breaching a conditional sentence order — unrelated to the chase.

Wahobin pleaded guilty to the robbery charge on Sept. 5. Her sentence includes 15 months for the robbery and eight months for breaching conditions.

Dyck told court Wahobin, who will serve her time at Pine Grove Correctional Centre, has struggled with addiction and substance abuse. She recommended she receive detox care and rehabilitation while in jail.

Wahobin, a mother, suffered minor injuries in the police pursuit Saturday night and was taken to hospital before she was released into police custody.

Driver shot and killed in police chase

The chase started after police received a call about a male being shot at by some people in a vehicle.

RCMP say officers found and chased the car, which was immobilized after it rammed a police vehicle. An officer then shot and wounded the driver, 22-year-old Whitstone, in what police describe as a "response to the driver's actions."

Whitstone, who is from Onion Lake, Sask., died en route to hospital.

Wahobin’s father, who spoke with CTV News on Tuesday, said she has a criminal past but hasn’t been involved with any incidents as serious as Saturday’s events. He said he was shocked by the incident and isn’t sure of the connection between his daughter and Whitstone.

One RCMP officer also suffered minor injuries in Saturday’s event, but has since been released from hospital.

Regina police investigating

RCMP Chief Superintendent Maureen Levy said Sunday morning Regina city police have been called in to investigate how Mounties handled the call. RCMP have also requested the Saskatchewan justice ministry appoint an independent observer.

She did not provide any further details on the pursuit, the ramming of the police cruiser, or the shooting, noting the investigation is now in the hands of Regina police. She also did not say how many shots were fired or if Whitstone was known to police, stressing that such questions will be investigated by police from Regina.

Justice ministry spokesperson Drew Wilby explained at the news conference that when an independent observer is requested, the ministry appoints someone such as a former police officer.

"This individual will not be connected to the RCMP," he said.

The observer will then file a report with the Ministry of Justice, Wilby said.

--- based on reporting from CTV's Mark Villani with files from The Canadian Press