Need help promoting your event? Submit a video detailing your event to Jeff Rogstad’s Weather Connect and we’ll show it on air before Jeff’s weather segment.

We’re not looking for anything fancy. The videos are just a way for you to share your event with thousands of CTV Saskatoon viewers across the province.

There are just a few guidelines to follow before we can air the video:

• Tell us who, what, when, where and why: What is the event? Who’s hosting it? Why is the event happening? When and where is it happening?

• Keep it short, sweet and to the point: The promotion can’t run longer than 25 seconds on our newscast, so be sure to keep it quick.

• Record three seconds of video before and after telling us about your event: This extra time allows us to transition into and out of your video. It may feel weird standing still in front of a camera and not speaking for three seconds, but it will make your video look much more professional once we’re finished with it. The three-second cushions do not count towards the 25 second maximum. The total length of the video can be 31 seconds — three seconds of no movement, 25 seconds of event promotion, and then three more seconds of no movement.

• Throw to Jeff: Once you’ve told us about your event, you must ask, “What’s the weather going to be like, Jeff?”

• Make sure to hold your camera or phone horizontally — not vertically —when recording the video, so that it resembles a TV.

• When on camera, face the brightest part of the room and have the darkest part of the room behind you. For example, face a window and have a wall behind you.

• Make sure the space you’re in is quiet and not windy.

• Check your video once it’s shot. Make sure we can hear you. If the video has poor sound quality, try cupping your hands over the microphone.

• Send the submission to and Please indicate the title and date of your event in the subject line.

• Have fun, be creative, use props or friends or both. Make it memorable!

Need help with a script? Here’s a sample to get you started:

(Wait for 3 seconds) Hi! My name is Damien Kent and I’m an organizer for the Riverhurst Fun Day in the Park . It’s happening this Saturday, the 15th in the baseball fields and the rink on the south end of town . It’ll be a great day to meet old friends and new neighbours, and all proceeds go towards the upgrades on the rink. (catches ball in glove – somebody off screen yells “yer out!”) We’re hoping to keep the field busy all day, so what’s the weather going to be like, Jeff? (wait for 3 seconds)