SASKATOON -- A trip to see the dentist isn't always fun, but it is important. Just ask anyone who hasn't been able to make their regular check-up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CTV Saskatoon Morning Live’s Mike Ciona spoke to Dr. Mitch Taillon, Associate Registrar of the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan, about what getting your teeth checked will look next month when dentists return to work. 

MIKE: When are dentists back in business?

DR. TAILLON: We're returning to work on May 4. At this time, we are busy getting ready so we can look after people in the safe, quality way we always have.

MIKE: For the next week, we're still able to access emergency dental work - how has that process been during the pandemic?

DR. TAILLON: Well, your dentists are always there to help you, we always have been. People should know, if they have pain or infection or have a dental accident, they should call their dentist. 

MIKE: Dentists have always used Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) but are there more stringent guidelines now? 

DR. TAILLON: We've always provided a really safe place to go get looked after, but when you come to the dental office after May 4, we're probably going to look a little different. We may have some extra masks and may ask you to wash your hands a few times, but it's still the same people you have come to trust and value, and that you feel very comfortable and safe with. Same people, just with a little more gear on right now.

MIKE: If people want more information, where can they go?

DR. TAILLON: Go to, our website has a lot of information. And there's a new website,, with a lot of good information on how to look after yourself when you can't get in to your dentist, like right now.