SASKATOON -- The Saskatoon Fire Department (SFD) is warning about the dangers of being in the river after two people were found floating on a log going down stream.

The SFD says just before 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, crews were called to the river for two people who appeared to be in distress. 

A water rescue boat was launched and proceeded up the river and found the individuals floating on a log. The fire department says the people had chosen to go into the river and indicated they were not in danger and didn’t need rescuing. 

However, they were approaching an area marking that the weir was up ahead and were asked to get inside the boat for their own safety.

You can view video of the incident using the player at the top.

Neither individual was wearing a life jacket. SFD is reminding residents that the river always poses risks and can present danger even though it appears safe.