Not a day goes by for Marilou and Alex Haughey where they don’t think about their son J.P.

He was killed in a crash in May 2014 after an impaired driver in a stolen truck blew through a stop sign at the intersection of 22nd Street West and Avenue M killing two 17-year-olds and injuring a third.

The woman behind the wheel of the stolen truck, Cheyann Peeteetuce, who was 21 at the time of the crash, was charged and pleaded guilty to charges of impaired driving causing death.

After serving two-thirds of her sentence, the Haughey family learned Peeteetuce would be released back in Saskatoon and the family said they are fearful.

“It really crippled us knowing that she’s out again … I want to public to know what she took away,” said Marilou Haughey. “I don’t want to see any family live through what we are going through, every single day.”

In May 2018, Peeteetuce was granted a statutory release, however she breached conditions of her probation and a warrant was out for her arrest. Once she returned to police custody she was sentenced to serve 30 days in jail. Following this, an Alberta judge revoked her statutory release and she was back behind bars.

On June 18, the Haugheys said they received a letter from Corrections Service of Canada, notifying them Peeteetuce would be released on July 10.

Haughey said she and her husband wrote victim impact statements at the parole board hearings, asking for Peeteetuce not to be released back in Saskatoon.

“With her being a repeat offender, what good does it do to her, putting her back in the same environment,” Haughey said. “It’s a living nightmare, she’s out, she’s free but we are living our life sentence every day since she took J.P. away.”