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University of Saskatchewan research team designs app to help kidney transplant patients

A team of researchers from the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) have created a mobile app to help kidney transplant patients get the information they need.

“Our previous research in transplant education has indicated that patient-centred video education can improve knowledge and satisfaction for transplant patients and caregivers,” Holly Mansell from the research team said in a University of Saskatchewan news release.

“However, video education cannot easily be tailored, and editing a video series requires significant time and resources.”

The patient education app can be adapted for a specific population or individual, the release said.

Mansell worked with Nathaniel Osgood from the U of S department of computer science on the project, as well as other U of S members and the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

“Working with experts in patient education, computer scientists and trainees, our plan is to test the app with a group of Saskatchewan patients who have received a kidney transplant. Then, the next step will be to evaluate whether including patient stories makes education more effective,” said Mansell.

Funding was provided by the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. Top Stories

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