The majestic and beautiful Third Avenue United Church has been the home to a congregation for almost 100 years. Unfortunately the Sunday service is not what it once was and the pews sit mostly empty. Dwindling membership means an uncertain future for the church

"We really don't have sufficient funds to keep the church going more than a few months", says Rosanna Parry the chair of the church's board.

Members of the congregation have asked its United church managers to approach the city to have it be a designated heritage property. However the Presbytery tells CTV it doesn't want a heritage designation as it may hurt a potential deal for the property which could be worth millions of dollars.

If the church cannot find emergency funding - it will have to be sold. The congregation fears that the church may be converted into condos or offices or at worst torn down.

However, the church is subject to something called a "holding by-law", any application to demolish the building would automatically trigger a 60 day lifeline at City Hall. Council could then designate the building a heritage site - but that would only preserve the exterior of the building.