SASKATOON -- Twins Jeff and Nathan Rushton came up with plans to open a brewery three years ago after an unsuccessful homebrew attempt by Jeff — and that dream is about to become reality. 

"We were looking for a pastime to do and I brewed my first homebrew, and it turned out horribly," Jeff said.

"It really did," his brother Nathan confirmed. Despite the failure, they still pushed ahead, and haven’t looked back since, starting the Better Brother Brewing Co.

"I was looking for something to do in life so we were trying new things, so rather than trying another batch of homebrew I just decided to go to school."

Once the ball got rolling, the twins said everything started falling into place despite concerns they had about opening a business during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"When we got the permit from the city, they started construction the day after the permit was approved so it’s pretty much been going crazy since," Nathan said. 

The construction he is referring to is the building they moved into in the 500 block of 2nd Avenue, which they happened to drive by one day, realizing it was the place for them.

The building still has a long way to go before they are up and brewing, but a lot of the work is being done by Jeff, Nathan, and their father. 

They said due to many businesses slowing down due to the pandemic, they’ve been able to get services in to do work much quicker than they usually would have.

They said it still doesn’t feel real yet, and they’re happy to be working together after drifting away once they finished high school.

"That was always the dream I think. We kind of separated after high school, we went to college," Nathan said. 

"The plan was to always do something together if we could.”

They are going to be producing a line of craft beers, with plans to expand to craft root beer and craft cream soda. 

The brothers said they are hoping to have the business up and running by sometime in August.