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This long-time Prince Albert dentist is hanging up his drill


Dr. Jerry Janzen, owner of Legacy Dental in Prince Albert, is retiring after nearly 40 years in the business.

“Nothing puts a smile on your face more than seeing success,” Janzen said.

Janzen’s father started his dental practice in 1953.

He says when he left for university, he never imagined following in his father’s footsteps, but that quickly changed.

“My goal initially was to work for four or five years and see where it went from there and it ended up with me taking over my father’s practice,” Janzen said.

Janzen announced says he plans to leave the family business in the hands of a long-time friend and co-owner, Dr. Markus Wilson.

“Dr. Janzen has been a great mentor, teacher, and leader. He has been practicing for 38 years and he is finally wanting to pass the torch and I really hope I can follow in his footsteps and do as great of a job as he did,” Wilson said.

In an interview, Janzen explained he has witnessed plenty of technological changes throughout his career.

He says he learned how to implement these changes to ensure healthy and happy patients.

“The key is always the education you have in the background to use the equipment to accomplish the task or job you have in front of you,” Janzen said.

He says while he is looking forward to retirement and enjoying some free-time outdoors, he will miss the community he has built within Legacy Dental.

Janzen shared one of his fondest memories with a patient.

“She came in quite apprehensive and she said she had taken sedative medication and I suggested to her with a smile on my face that either she should take it or I will have to take it,” Janzen said. “We had a good laugh and moved on but those are the relationships you develop over the years.” Top Stories

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