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'There’s cameras that are everywhere': Saskatoon child actor scores part on Alaska Daily


A young actor from Saskatoon has earned an appearance on the drama television show Alaska Daily.

The show follows a journalist played by Hilary Swank who works for an Alaska newspaper, and while he did not get to meet Swank, Beck Schurko said the experience was one of the best.

“I met a whole bunch of other awesome friends. And yeah, they're super nice. Amazing,” Schurko told CTV News.

He described the show’s set as complicated.

“When you actually watch the show, it's not gonna just be like it's like a simple set. No, there's cameras that are everywhere.”

To prepare for his scene, Schurko said he had some help practicing his lines.

“Some classmates from my school also helped me during reading time. I asked the teacher if we could go out in the hall. And yeah, that was awesome.”

Both Schurko’s parents are voiceover actors and have a business training others to work in the industry. He said he started acting when he was two years old with a voice acting gig.

“It was a commercial and yeah, that was pretty fun.”

He said there are some differences between voice acting and being on-camera.

“If you're acting, you have to memorize the lines a lot. But if you're a voice acting, all you have to do is sit in a booth and read the lines with a microphone in front of you.”

Schurko has also tried his hand at directing his own series.

“I'm in it, and my little brother and three other friends. So five orphans,” he explained. “It's called the orphan story. Yesterday, I recorded the third video.”

When he’s not acting, Schurko said he likes to spend time with his family.

“I like to play games with my little brother and my dad, such as Roblox,” he said. “Every Thursday, I take an improv class at SaskExpress.” Top Stories

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