You might not have noticed it when you last got your mail, but a major staff shortage at Canada Post is causing real concern.

The situation has got to the point where some carriers are being asked to work nearly 40 hours of overtime a month just to keep up.  It's resulted in some packages being deliever late, and many employees are feeling a physical toll as well.

Danielle Becker, a mail carrier with Canada Post, says she loves her job and enjoys the exercise.  But she also says the intense workload has taken time away from her family. 

"I have two kids and it's terrible.  You go home, your exhausted, and all you want to do is sleep.  Your tired, your sore and not happy whatsoever."

Management acknowledges that Saskatchewan is in dire need of more staff, but claim the booming economy is luring potential recruits to other industries. 

"We can't say 'well, just because the economy is strong here, we're going to offer more here.  What we do offer is a good job, and a good job that has security" says Anick Losier, a spokeswoman for Canada Post.

But some carriers believe the staffing issues have more to do with the current collective bargaining negotiations between the union and management.

However, Canada post says the current bargaining process has nothing to do with it.  They say they are working hard to recruit more staff, and already offer a great benefits package.