SASKATOON -- This week marks a milestone as CTV Saskatoon celebrates 65 years of programming. On December 5, 1954 CTV Saskatoon (CFQC) first signed on the air.

Over the past few weeks, staff have been getting ready to mark the occasion by digging deep into our archives.

It’s been a true team effort with many pitching in to tackle the project.

CTV Saskatoon Archives - John

CTV Saskatoon Morning Live senior producer John Thronberg has been logging a lot of time in our basement, looking through ancient tapes filled with old shows, news stories and broadcasts.

John asked our technical team to rig up an old Beta-format video tape player to sift through hours of footage from CTV Saskatoon's past.

But our search didn't just involve moving pictures, CTV Saskatoon's archive also contains a huge collection of still photos.

CTV Saskatoon Archive photos

Cathy Heihs, whose smile can usually be spotted at our front desk, has been working in the building for 41 years and is a wealth of knowledge about the station's history.

She was tasked with sorting through hundreds of old photos.

Cathy Heihs

Cathy says looking through the photos was emotional for her at times as some of the staff members are no longer with us. But she enjoyed the ride.

"It's been a lot of fun. It's taken me down memory lane."  

Weather specialist Jeff Rogstad is the longest-serving on-air personality at CTV Saskatoon marking 22 years at the station.

He was also part of the crew tracking down archive material.  

CTV Saskatoon Jeff Rogstad

 “See here, we did a whole series [called] 'Turkey Talk' on the noon show. So let's see. we're making sauté salad on this one," Jeff says while scrubbing through a tape.

Jeff has a few areas in the basement devoted to his own "archival material" he's built up over the years. However his approach to filing has been a little informal.

"Are you kidding? 'This is called Jeff clean up your desk!' Can I put this downstairs for a while? OK!"

Throughout this week you'll be able to see the fruits of our labour. From archival material shared here on our website to special segments on CTV News at 5 and 6, CTV Saskatoon Morning Live and CTV News at noon.