An Aborignal Peoples Television Network (APTN) series aiming to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people would be better served on a larger network, a lecturer says.

The documentary series First Contact takes six non-Indigenous people and immerses them in Indigenous communities.

"The big issue is that the show aired on APTN, which is an Indigenous channel. It'd be nice to have it expand, have more airtime and more recognition — instead of just being within Indigenous communities,” University of Saskatchewan Indigenous Studies lecturer Lindsay Knight said.

"I think we've done a good thing and we hope that this is just a tiny step in the right direction for people to come together and learn," said Stephanie Scott, executive producer for First Contact.

Scott said First Contact was pitched to a variety of broadcasters, but only APTN and TV Ontario picked up the show.

"Maybe [broadcasters] felt they weren't ready for this kind of idea to move forward. I can't say specifically to them, but we were rejected,” Scott said.

Season two of First Contact is expected to air next year.