SASKATOON -- For more than two weeks Barb Maduck has been setting up a stool in front of her 80-year-old father's bedroom window at his retirement home.

Maduck starts her visits with a wave and then instructs him to pick up his cell phone and answer her call.

It's how she visits him after the facility banned visitors due to COVD-19 concerns.

"I'm grateful that he's on the first floor because if he was on the second floor or on the third floor it would be different. But I would still climb a ladder if I had too, thankfully I don't have to."

The visits minimize his anxiety and keep him informed – he has Alzheimer's and doesn’t remember much, she said.

Before COVID-19, she would visit three times a week to connect and catch up.

"My dad would rely on me to come and visit, to take him out and take him to his appointments, and that all was ceased so it put me into a time of reflection as to how I can embrace this and reframe our relationship,” said Maduck.