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Saskatoon woman accused of faking deaths, abducting son pleads not guilty

A woman accused of abducting her son has pleaded not guilty to all her charges.

“My plea is not guilty, your honour,” Dawn Walker told the judge, over the phone, at Saskatoon Provincial Court.

Walker faces a string of charges, including child abduction, forging a passport, identity theft, identity fraud and public mischief.

The mother and her seven-year-old child were reported missing in July.

After extensive searches spanning two weeks, the pair were found safe in Oregon City, Ore.

Following her arrest, Walker released a statement that said she was “left with no choice.” Her family alleges she was a victim of domestic abuse.

The Saskatoon Police Service said officers “thoroughly investigated” Walker’s domestic violence allegations, but no charges were laid.

U.S. court documents say Walker made a checklist before fleeing — which included dying her hair and covering her tattoo.

On Tuesday, Walker decided to have her trial heard by a judge and not a jury.

The case is scheduled to be back in court in February. Top Stories

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