SASKATOON -- This past year was tough for winter sports athletes due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Summer sport organizations are hoping for a better outcome.


"I know from seeing my kids in winter activities it was wearing on them to just keep practicing, practicing and practicing," said executive director of Baseball Saskatoon Jesse Korte.

Korte is hoping for a better outcome for the roughly 2,000 athletes registered with Baseball Saskatoon.

In a normal year, players would take to the field for May, but the organization pushed that back to allow more time due to the province's Public Health Orders.

Last year games ended up being permitted, with two teams allowed to play each other and with 30 fans in attendance.

"We are hopeful with what we did last year that the government will see that outdoor actives and baseball can operate safely," Korte told CTV news.


"We're optimistic. We're planning as we've always had," said program coordinator for Saskatoon Youth Soccer Dan Kelly.

"We have to plan to have a full season."

Per the province's public health orders, soccer players and all other athletes are allowed to practice and train in eight or fewer groups, not including coaches or trainers.

Games and competitions are suspended until at least April 26, with the current public health orders.

Saskatoon Youth Soccer has more than 2,900 athletes registered for its summer programming but anticipates more might join if public health orders allow for competition.

"In terms of a start date we're tentatively looking at May 3," said Kelly.

"We'll have to adjust as the guidelines come out."

Track and Field

More than 800 athletes are represented by Saskatchewan Athletics, the organization in charge of the province's track and field competitions.

"For us the soonest competition we would have would be June," said executive director Bob Reindl.

Last year the group had to cancel events until it moved to indoor events for the beginning of the fall.

The organization has plans in place for the safety of its athletes but worries about the officials.

"We have an older population when it comes to officials, and right now, those are the people that I'm more concerned about."