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Saskatoon says construction on first bus rapid transit stations begins this summer


Saskatoon city administrators say construction is set to begin on 14 of the first bus rapid transit (BRT) stations this year, and they’re pitching councillors on a name for the service — Link.

Funded in large part through federal and provincial infrastructure money, BRT is designed to move masses of people more efficiently — establishing three intersecting routes that run across the city and make fewer stops, working in tandem with the shorter, localized routes.

The program has been the subject of much debate since it was first proposed nearly one decade ago, with former mayor Don Atchison campaigning against it in his failed 2020 election bid.

The rapid transit routes also play a role in the federal housing accelerator plans, as zones targeted for the development of more dense, multi-unit residential buildings.

Next Wednesday, councillors are being asked to vote on the branding for the new service and the Link name.

(Source: City of Saskatoon)

In a report before next week’s governance and priorities committee, the city’s communications director Carla Blumers argues adopting a brand identity early in the process has a key impact on a project’s success.

If the name is approved, administration says it will develop a full marketing plan in the coming months.

In a news release on Wednesday, the city said construction of the first 14 BRT stations’ concrete platforms would begin this summer, with another 30 stations planned for 2025. Top Stories

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