SASKATOON - Hundreds of people in Saskatoon gathered outside City Hall on Friday to join the global climate strike.

“It’s honestly honouring,” elementary student Kylee Lucier said about the large crowd.

It’s the second consecutive Friday the city has seen protests calling for action against climate change.

“Especially in Saskatchewan, you know, a lot of people are in denial of climate change,” U of S student Emily Ireland said.

“To see this many people here today, it’s like maybe we are getting closer to change.”

Speakers began their talks around noon, and the crowd then marched downtown, chanting slogans and displaying their signs as they demanded immediate climate action.

The strike is inspired by Swedish activist Greta Thunburg, who met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Montreal on Friday, telling him to "just listen to the science.”

“We’re very lucky to have Greta in Canada,” strike attendee Anthony Towstego said.

“I think she’s part of a big movement here. She’s showing incredible, powerful leadership.”

The strike was joined by a number of bikers from Saskatoon Cycles, participating in a slow-ride to the event as their form of protest.

“Saskatoon Cycles is very supportive of any action to do with climate change,” co-chair Cathy Watts said.

More than 80 cities across the country are capping off a week of international protests and a call for action for governments to do more to slow climate change.

With files from Adam Frisk