SASKATOON -- Saskatoon police received 2,986 calls about the former Northwoods Inn since 2015, according to police data.

So far this year, police received nearly 500 calls for service at the hotel — now called the City Centre Inn and Suites.

  • 2015: 616 calls
  • 2016: 508 calls
  • 2017: 527 calls
  • 2018: 219 calls
  • 2019: 621 calls
  • 2020: 495 calls

The motel will likely be forced to at least partially close — or be totally shut down — because of unsafe and unsanitary living conditions.

Officials are evacuating roughly 150 residents, including three children, and placing them in safe accommodations after the discovery of several hazards.

The Saskatoon Fire Department called the living conditions “deplorable.”

Pictures taken by firefighters show sewage covering a bathroom floor and bugs infesting a wall.

The Ministry of Social Services said it’s working with the Saskatoon Housing Authority to help those who are being evacuated from the hotel find a new place to stay.

In a statement, Jeff Redekop, executive director of Income Assistance Service Delivery, said the ministry didn’t place people at the City Centre Inn and Suites.

“It’s important to note that income assistance clients, like all other citizens, decide where they will reside. They may use their income assistance benefits to support their choice.”

The Saskatoon Fire Department is expected to issue an order to close all or a portion of the hotel under unsafe and unsanitary living conditions by 3 p.m. Thursday.