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Saskatoon pilot project will allow residents to plant gardens in city medians

Barrie garden

Saskatoon residents with a lack of garden space have the option to plant in nearby centre medians, as the city launches a new pilot project this summer.

The city says its engagement surveys have indicated a demand for more public gardening space from those who live in multi-unit buildings without a yard.

Opening up the meridian — the landscaped strip in the centre of a road that separates lanes — to civilian green thumbs could have a range of benefits, the city said in a news release.

“Adding these kinds of small, community-supported green spaces helps to create more habitat for pollinators like bees, assist in managing storm water, and can create community as neighbours or friends collaborate on creating and maintaining these gardens,” said Jeanna South, director of sustainability.

South says the parks, transportation and bylaw departments have collaborated to ensure safety for gardeners and drivers through the project’s guidelines.

This project adds to the pre-existing Boulevard Gardening Program. Details on how to apply are on the city’s website.

“It will be exciting to see what types of median garden plans our community members are inspired to create. We hope to see a number of applications, and people can get started as soon as spring weather permits,” said South. Top Stories

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