SASKATOON -- A video shared over social media showing a crowded dancefloor at a Saskatoon nightclub has raised questions whether or not public health recommendations are being followed as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. 

The nightclub at the centre of the video, Diva's, released a statement stating that they have been working within the SHA advice when it comes to operating the nightclub.

"It has come to our attention that videos and posts are being shared on social media with concerns about overcrowding and possible exposure of COVID-19," Diva's owner Aaron Paetsch said in a statement to CTV Saskatoon.

"We can assure you that we continue to follow, and go above and beyond, all guidelines and rules set out by the Saskatchewan Health Authority." 

Under the SHA’s guidelines for bars and clubs it states establishments must maintain an occupancy level that allows staff and customers to maintain two metres of physical distance, except for brief exchanges and "dance floors and karaoke are not currently permitted."

"On Friday night (like every weekend since reopening) we reached our legal capacity and had to turn away guests at the door. Tables are spaced out on the dance floor to limit gathering and discourage dancing," Paetsch said.

The video in question was posted to Snapchat maps and has been shared on sites such as Reddit and Facebook.

Paetsch told CTV that despite all the rules they are following, they are still at the mercy of the actions of their guests. 

"Once patrons are inside we can't control every move they make, or how they decide to distance from others." Paetsch said.